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Tech for Restaurant Marketing

Marketing applications for restaurants beyond word-of-mouth reviews can be complicated as business owners juggle changing media outlets with the changing expectations of customers. With different demographics posing different challenges for restaurateurs, crafting and...

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Tech Trends for Restaurants in 2018

What are all these people doing in your restaurant taking pictures of their meals?  How can you mitigate the social conversation they're having about you in the online world? And once customers are in the door, how can you take advantage of tech trends for restaurants...

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San Francisco’s Take on Pizza

San Francisco Takes on an Italian Classic With its Mediterranean climate, you’d think San Francisco would bake a mean pizza. But the city’s relationship to the gooey, cheesy classic has been contentious. East coast transplants have even called it “soggy.” New Yorkers...

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What is Savorite?

Here's the scenario: You're going away for the weekend to a place you've never been before, and you want to find a short list of places to eat and drink. Where do you go to find these places? There are plenty of websites and apps out there for you to find suggestions,...

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Taco Tales from a Burrito Town

We found the best tacos in San Francisco In the 1960s, the owners of an iconic San Francisco meat market started selling burritos over the counter and the rest was history. Loaded in a large tortilla and packed with extra rice, the Mission burrito solidified San...

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