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Save your favorite eateries all in one place. Don’t trust reviews, trust your friends.


Manage your favorite restaurants.  Add photos and notes.


See restaurant promotions and daily specials.


Collaborate on favorite list of restaurants with friends you trust .

What we do

Don’t Trust Reviews. Trust Your Friends.

There are countless opinions, ratings and reviews about restaurants on the internet. Little have much credibility and even less apply to our tastes. Instead of making things simpler, technology has made it easier for us to waste time deciding where we want to eat. It has also made it easier to base our decisions on the opinions of complete strangers and, in many cases, non-humans. That’s why we made Savorite. Savorite is a two-sided marketplace restaurant app for restaurant people. It is a word-of-mouth referral platform that doesn’t mislead you with irrelevant reviews and it’s a way to collaborate with your friends and choose the best place to eat for any occasion.

Think of it this way. You have dinner plans with Katie after work. You’ve been texting back and forth all afternoon about where to go. Katie wants sushi. You search the Internet and read reviews of a dozen or so sushi restaurants. You pick the best one that is closest to Katie’s office and you meet her in front. As soon as you walk into the place your heart sinks. The atmosphere is tacky and the food is mediocre, but Katie likes it. You got lucky.

Fake Reviews are Fake News

Finding a place to eat is not the problem. Opinions, recommendations and reviews are generated so constantly that we have created a didgital flood of non relevant and unsubstantiated information. And the internet is full of it. Online reviews influence the choices that we make with hardly any credibility and zero culpability.

Savorite is designed so you can share your favorite restaurants within your own network of friends and find new places that are suggested by people that you know and trust.

Think of it this way. You have dinner plans with Katie after work. Katie wants sushi. You jump on Savorite and find your friend Toshi’s sushi spots. Toshi is awesome! He has great taste and he throws the best parties with great food. He also knows a lot about Sake as well. You choose one of his favorite places closest to Katie’s office and you meet in her front. By the look of the place it’s not a spot that you would try but as soon as you walk in you get excited. This is just the kind of place Toshi would like. The atmosphere is cool and the food is great. Katie likes it and luck had nothing to do with it.

A Word-of-Mouth Referral Platform

There was a time that the amount of reviews posted added to their credibility and relevance, but not anymore. Positive reviews might be marketing ploys and negative ones might be from competitors. And unless your an expert on spotting AI generated posts, you won’t even know if they were written by a real person. When you use Savorite, you tap into a network of real people that you can count on. Don’t trust reviews, trust your friends.

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